The Complete Guide to the Ultimate Kodi Setup

Ultimate Kodi Setup

Do you sometimes get frustrated with your Kodi box?  Wish you had an ultimate Kodi setup with a smooth and seamless TV-watching experience?

Well, I have that kind of smooth experience with my Kodi boxes, and I’ll share exactly what I do to set it up.

In this comprehensive tutorial, I’ll go over everything about my Kodi setup process from start to finish so you can follow along with your own Kodi box.

Tutorial: Kodi Live TV with EPG (TV Guide)

Kodi Live TV PVR

Looking to cut the cord and get our of Kabletown?  If you’re looking to be a “cord-cutter” and ditch your cable or satellite bill, you’ve probably tried using Kodi and some add-ons like Genesis or SALTS to be able to watch whatever shows or movies you want, but what about local news and broadcast sports?  What if want to be able to host a Superbowl party?

Well, you’re in luck.  Kodi has the ability to control Live TV if you have a tuner and an antenna.

Xbox One XBMC / Kodi Live TV OneGuide Integration

Xbox One XBMC / Kodi Live TV OneGuide Integration

Cable or satellite customers who have an Xbox One with Kinect rave about OneGuide, Xbox One’s integration with live TV services.  You can use Xbox’s interface or voice commands and the Xbox will send IR commands from the Kinect to the cable or satellite set-top box to change the channels accordingly.

But what if you’re a “cord-cutter” like me and don’t have cable or satellite?  You’ve been out of luck, having to reach for a separate remote control to control Kodi instead of being able to use Xbox OneGuide and voice controls… until now, that is!

This guide will share how you can configure your Xbox One and Kodi on your HTPC to make it so saying “Xbox Watch NBC” will make Kodi change channels to NBC.