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       hi….i open exodus go to a very new movie like la la land….click it wait then  all the streams are from MOVIE 25…ALL OF THE streams and they all play same wrong movie . all the same on every  stream and all the most recent movies…the disney movie ….dispicable me…  all the streams . la la land  manchester by the sea, and so on….not sure why  this is happening.. thanks need help

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      Many times, a brand new movie will not be available for streaming yet, except sometimes you’ll get a camera version which are horrible to watch.
      However, you mentioned Despicable Me which is not new. That one should work fine. You said that all the sources are always from one provider? Try looking in the Exodus Settings under Providers and making sure you have them all checked.
      Aside from checking that, I would highly recommend getting Real-Debrid. It will drastically improve your experience with getting good solid sources that don’t buffer.

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      The same thing is happenning to me trying to watch The Choice {not new } and Despicable Me is on all the streams. I even cleared the casche,

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      Trying to get Zookeeper Wife on both Salts and Exodus different  movies playing but neither is the correct one

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      Yvonne, The Zookeeper’s Wife is too new of a movie. It’s still in the theaters. It’s very unlikely to find any good stream sources for a movie until after it’s out on DVD and Blu-ray

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      We continue to have the issue where the wrong movie is played. For example: We were trying to watch Beauty and the Beast and the same three providers continue to show up…and only those three. All providers show the correct length of time and movie poster. When I click on one provider, it plays the trailer got the movie and only the trailer. If I select other two, I get and unknown french movie. I’ve updated kodi as well as updated exodus (I’ve even gone as far as to delete and reinstall exodus and kodi). I’ve cleared providers and cache multiple times and still can’t get it to work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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      Your problem is that you’re still using Exodus. I had the exact same issue until I switched to Covenant.

      How to Install the Covenant Kodi Add-on

      I just searched for Beauty and the Beast (2017) from Covenant, and I see 74 links, half of them from Real-Debrid.

      FYI, the movie length and poster does not come from any of the streams that show up.

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      Tried watching Twilight today and a completely different movie played instead. Tried watching Titanic (from 1997) and the 1953 version played instead. Tried watching Poltergeist (from 1982) and the 2015 movie played instead.
      The movie list shows the movie I want, accompanied by the theater/DVD poster/cover, so there is no confusion as to whether or not I am clicking on the correct version. The page opens up, the streams appear, still showing the version that I want to watch, but when I click in the individual streams, the older or other movies play.
      None of these movies are new and I am using Covenant. Cache has been cleared…….

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      Jennifer, are you using Real-Debrid? I just tried Titanic and I got the 1997 version. Real-Debrid drastically increases the quality of the streams, both in bandwidth and in accuracy.

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      Same thing with the movie Mother! by Jennifer Lawrence. It’s should not be too new of movie and I tried playing with Covenant a wrong movie called “A mother’s crime” was played instead.

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      Are you using Real-Debrid? That usually improves the accuracy. Also, you could pay attention to which provider is repeated giving you incorrect movies, and then go into the Covenant Settings > Providers, and uncheck that provider.

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      I have that issue on Covenant all the time. Either get wrong movie or one that is foreign. I’ve been getting very frustrated with Jodi latey. I’ve got real debrid, all debrid, alluc, and still can’t watch what I want. HELP!?

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      Hi i have update my kodi 17.4 and am using covenant but everytime I try to load beauty and the beast I get the french version.

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      Do you have auto-play turned on? If so, you can hit the menu button (or “c” key) to open the context menu and select “Play using…”. That will give you the list of links to choose from. Try different links from different providers and you should find the English version.

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      I have Kodi 17.6 and have used all kinds of builds. The build I have now is placenta and all the new in theater movies play movies I’ve never seen,plays bootlegged movies which are not good or even plays movies that are missing and skipping parts of the movie. I know most are new and want have a good version. But what I want to know is it just on that build or every build there is for Kodi.

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      It’s always going to be hard getting quality streams of movies that are still in theaters, no matter which add-on you use.

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      I’m having the same issue and I understand about new movies in theatres but……why, why, why….are the wrong movies streaming? If anything it should same “no stream available,” like it did with Exodus and Covenant, Placenta is just wildin out wit it. Anything new and good… plays either an old version or a totally different movie. Welcome to the Jungle was playing instead of Jumanji part 2. Black Panther shows Black Lightwning or Once Upon A Time (not the TV show… the very extremely old almost black and white movie). I’ve seen responses about “real debrid” what is that?

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      I have no idea why those free hosters have so many misplaced videos, besides just being sloppy and not caring because, hey, it’s free. But, if you use Real-Debrid, the quality, bandwidth, and accuracy of videos will improve. You can read more about Real-Debrid here…

      How to Get Reliable Kodi Stream Sources with Real-Debrid

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      Real debrid plays incorrect movies often and does buffer occasionally.

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