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      how do I reprogram a digistream box that has no more service and the company is out of business?

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      Our digi hasn’t been working for awhile. I did the factory reset, but now I cannot reload because when I go to tv apps, it tells me that my system is busy, try again later. I have tried several times but still can’t get past that message. If you still do anything with digi I would appreciate your help.

      Thank you,

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      From what I understand DigiXStream is one of the hundreds of brands of Chinese-made Android set-top boxes full-loaded with a Kodi build.

      I’m going to take a stab that you probably have one of their old boxes that has Android 4.x.x and stuff stopped working?

      Does this blog post pertain to you?

      If you want to update Android to a newer version, that will probably take a lot of research and effort, and in the end, you might brick the device. But if you’re up for it, start Googling how to flash an Android ROM for your device model or CPU model. Do you know what CPU it has?

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      Couldn’t get into the TV app store no more. the box woudn’t work without download the media player from TV app store. anyone can help with that ?

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      I am having the same problem. “Server is busy” has anyone figured out how to get past this?

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      I have a digistream dx4 plus quad core box…how can i do an update on it..
      i wanted to add new apk for streaming and it won’t let me…

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      I cannot get my box to let me open app so I can download the

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      I accidentally uninstalled my Kodi a tan to its original format how do I do my Kodi titanium reinstall Kodi upgraded version? No

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      I can can still watch movies but, I can’t watch the TV portion. Can you please help

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      I have a digi 5+ Available updates air patching update info connect to httPS:\\a PI. DXS space IT.comRefused and it says that my Internet is not connected in the tool

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      I need help reprogramming my digi box please

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