How do I download Kodi software onto the Xbox One gaming system?

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      I’m trying to download Kodi onto my Xbox One so I can stream movies on my game system. Can you explain to me please how to do it?

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      Kodi is Coming to the Xbox One “Soon”

      On Feb 8, 2017, the Kodi team announced that they will be working on converting Kodi into a full UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app.

      So far, Kodi has only been released to the Windows Store using Microsoft’s Project Centennial, which is basically an automated converter of just about any Win32 app to make it compatible with the Windows Store.

      The Kodi team was so happy about reaching over a million new users on the Windows Store that they decided to take it one step further and convert to UWP which will be a lot more work, but it will make it available on Xbox One.

      No word yet about a specific timeline as to when it will be available, but I’m just excited that it’s actually going to happen!

      In the mean time, here’s a workaround…


      Basically, until the Kodi UWP app comes out, you can’t install Kodi onto the Xbox One itself.  Instead, you must have Kodi installed on some kind of streaming box, stick, or home theater PC, and then plug that into the Xbox One HDMI In as if it was your cable box.

      Then, you can go to the OneGuide app or say “Xbox Watch TV” if you have the Kinect, and you’ll see Kodi.

      After you’ve done that, then you can make it even better by integrating IR commands from the Xbox One to your Kodi box so that you can control Kodi using the Xbox.

      Read the tutorial to learn more.

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      Hi you can not install kodi on xbox one 

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      1. You install kodi and use with Xbox one via any device such as an Amazon Fire stick. 
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      In recent News the Windows aps are showing a huge transfer to the Xbox One app section. We may find it soon enough, but we have to wait I guess to see if Kodi will be available as a download.

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      Has anyone tried putting it on the Xbox through the IP address like how you do with the firestick? 

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      With the New Developers option (UWP) is it now possible that someone recodes Kodi to work with the Xbox One, like uploading it somewhere and is to stick it on a USB and then to use it as if we where the Dev testing it.

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      If you have an android phone or tablet you can use local cast to send it to your xbox. This is the best solution I’ve found so far.

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      Thanks, Peewee755.  Yes, for those of you that are looking for the DLNA casting from Kodi on an Android device to watch on your Xbox, then follow this tutorial…

      How to Stream Kodi to Chromecast, Xbox One, DLNA Devices

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      Local cast/DLNA works great until you find a series that requires Metadata unsupported by the xbox. I really hope we can get kodi onto the Xbox without an HDMI device soon.

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      This software was born on the xbox I wish the developers would find a way

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      @uturn0427 kodi is now coming to xbox one with the announcement late January or February (an actual native app) we will see it sooner or later this year hopefully

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      @mike as in January or February 2018!?!

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      @Lo, he meant the announcement was in January or February.  It was actually Feb 8, 2017 and I’ve updated my answer post towards the top with details about that announcement.

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