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      Hi Nathan,
      Have reset my Yundoo T2. Have set up Indigo and Git Hub without a problem, however, when I open Git Hub and search by user name and get the list of Addons but cannot install any of them. ie: Git Hub –> Search By User Name –> Confirm Install. When I click on Install I get the following message. “Git Hub Browser Error. Check the log for more information.” When I check the Event Log the only message I get is “KODI successfully started. Kodi has been successfully started.
      I have hard reset the box a few times but only ever get to this point. Hope you can help.

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      Are you installing add-ons or installing repositories? I recommend installing the repositories from there and if that works, then you can install the add-ons from the repository (the normal way).

      If even the repos are not installing, I’m not sure how to help. That add-on has been having lots of issues for a while. You actually got a lot further than most people. I hear from people all the time that they get that error message when they click on Git Browser.

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