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      we are in Canada and wonder if you know anything about ExpressVPN. Its it recommended to use something from a Candian based site? 

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      Howdy! I live in Toronto and have been using ExpressVPN since 2015. Apps are straightforward and really easy to use. It works great with US Netflix and they offer servers in Canada if you simply want to browse normally while encrypting your traffic. Kodi works fine too.

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      Hey Michelle and Jody, I’m Max from Montreal. 
      Yeah it’s a decent software to use. the apps are simple and effective. It’s a little expensive though. I currently have two VPNS for failsafe, Ivacy and express and they’re both okay to sue for Canadian sites as well as those outside Canada. Also, I’d be better able to help if you can make the last part of your question clear, Michelle. Do you want to use a Canadian VPN connection from Canada and you’re asking about accessing Canadian sites with a VPN connection? Or is there something I’m missing? Thanks for being so patient. :D

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