After Installing Covenant all my add-ons went incompatible

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      Thanks for your post, unfortunately after following the steps all my add-ons said they were incompatible.
      I have a couple of questions:
      1. Under Google Play it looks like there are two applications Kodi and Kodi all add ons. Both have really had reviews and say the installation does not work. Is there another way to install this?
      2. Do you know what probably got broken after the installation of Covenant?
      for all add-ons says”
      “Add-on is incompatible due to unmet dependencies. Would you like to disable it in your system”
      it does not move from there.

      Thanks! i hope you can help me!

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      I agree with Nathan. Covenant was great back in the day, but a lot of those old addons were acquired by TVaddons. I used to like them too but lately, all their addons disable other great addons when installed. the best way to find out is if you see the indigo tool in your program addons. It buries itself with dependencies that cripple your build. Use the addon tracker. There are some great ones there.

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      I would NOT trust that “All Kodi Addons” app. You don’t know what it’s doing, but it sounds like it’s screwing with your Kodi setup. I would uninstall both and reinstall only the official Kodi app.

      Installing add-ons yourself following tutorials like the ones I have is usually the best way to go. Using pre-made builds and apps like “All Kodi Addons” is a bad idea because they run a very big risk of messing things up, and then you’re left not knowing how to fix it.

      If you learn how to install add-ons, then you’ll be better about managing the add-ons you have and uninstalling bad ones.

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      Thanks for the quick reply. What i installed was Covenant i have not installed the kodi or the kodi all apps yet because was not sure which one was.
      With Covenant if i uninstall it would the other add-ons go back to normal?
      Thanks again!

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      I’m not sure what might be going on with your setup, but I would give that a try. Covenant has been abandoned and there are lots of new add-ons available to try.

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